Life is all about to make fun and to make live life sometime for our self, when I was 18 years old I was thinking what is the easiest way to earn money with lots of enjoyment& adventure. Well my name is Ritu Arora and now I am a 24 years old girl and I am here to share my first experience as I worked with Independent Escort Services in Ahmedabad.

At that time one of my friends had approached me to work as an escort in Ahmedabad at that time I have no idea about escorts “What they actually did?” but I got an offer of 150$ an hour, so on that time the thing would stuck in my mind “What exactly the work was?”.

But that was from my friend’s reference so I agreed to be on that place for an hour. Then I knocked the door, and the door was opened by a foreigner actually he was all alone here for a holiday, so he offered me to came inside and greed properly and all of a sodden offered me a drink as well as smoke. So at that time the drink was accepted me and we also had some healthy talks. While having talks that guy asked me about my pretty desires and also about my fantasies, as I told you that was my first time to be as an escort so I was feeling shy that time.

Suddenly he holds my hand and gives a kiss on that. Then he also wants me to strip out my cloths in front of him and I was feeling shy and then I get to know what the work exactly was.

So as we consider work is worship and always obey the work policies, so I do my job. Now he wants me to bath together and we did, then we had foreplay first, frankly speaking these guys were amazing in foreplay, then we had love pleasure and he was fully satisfied with my work. And the main thing was he gave me extra amount for my excellent work as he think of me and he also toke my number along with him, because he said whenever he will come then he will definitely give me a call.

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